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The Pregnant Bride Wore White
by Susan Crosby
(Silh. Spec. Ed #1995, $4.99, PG-13) ISBN 978-0373-65477-2
The title gives a great many details - we have a pregnant woman and there is a marriage. The family tradition was that all brides wear white, regardless of the circumstances, so now these two married people have to figure out how to make things work. It’s a fairly traditional story…but there are twists and turns that made this tale stand above the norm.

Keri Overton got pregnant from a one-night stand. But not just any one night stand. This one occurred because she had been kidnapped with a security operative and they were convinced they were going to die. They sought comfort in each other, and a baby was conceived. Keri was a private duty nurse who was in Venezuela caring for a man waiting on a transplant. He just happened to be someone wanted by kidnappers due to his position and money. The kidnappers got the ransom and let him go, but since they liked Keri they had decided to keep her and were going to kill the security officer.

That security guy was also an undercover agent named Jake McCoy. Jake grew up in Chance City, California. He told Keri all about his eight siblings, his lovely widowed mother and his grandmother whom he adored. Keri’s family was just her parents and they were nomads. They raised her in a multitude of countries, as they traveled doing good works. Keri grew up and never really had a home, taking a job that moved her from place to place.

When Keri discovers she is pregnant, she is still recuperating from the trauma of the kidnapping.  It was several months before she realized her condition. She decides to seek Jake out in his hometown. 

But her dilemma begins when she gets there only to discover that Jake is on a deep undercover assignment and no one knows when he might come home. His family, however, is delighted to discover she is pregnant with his child and make many assumptions about their relationship – assumptions that Keri does not have the heart to disabuse. Five months later, Jake shows up on the day of the baby shower. 

Jake remembers Keri, but never in his wildest dreams did he imagine her pregnant. Their lovemaking haunted him at times and he even thought about looking her up at some point. But now, he is home to recuperate, having infiltrated the kidnapping gangs and been involved in some unsavory activities. He is in major need of some quiet, R&R while figuring out what he wants to do for the rest of his life…stay with the traveling and undercover work, or do something else. The last thing he needs is a woman underfoot - a pregnant one to boot - and pressure from his family to do the right thing. Traditions are staring him in the face: the bride always wears white, and no McCoy has ever been divorced.

Jake and Keri marry just before their baby is born. Now they have to learn about each other, about their lives and decide if they can find a compromise. Keri, you see has decided to settle down and has fallen in love with Chance City. Jake loves adventure and just isn’t sure he can ever stay in one place all the time. And do they know enough about each other to really make it work?

This is a cute story with lots of ups and downs. They both have high hopes and lots of doubts.  Jake finds himself on the outs when he won’t share his thoughts…Keri is afraid to put too much pressure on or disagree too much for fear he will find her too much trouble. Families play a role and there are characters from a previous series, which also play minor roles.

There is a load of depth to this 200-page tale, more than some full-length novels. It is engaging and has two mature, sensible but vulnerable adults as the main characters.  The Pregnant Bride Wore White is a very good story. Enjoy.

--Shirley Lyons

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