Sacrifice the Wicked
by Karina Cooper
(Avon, $7.99, R)  ISBN 978-0-06-212769-3
I'd never met Karina Cooper until All Things Wicked, the third book in her Dark Mission series and, coincidentally, the book directly preceding Sacrifice the Wicked. This review regards the latter, which I have to say impressed me just as much as the former.

Parker Adams is a director at the Mission, whose goal is to eradicate evil witches (one of whom, in an on-going boo-hoo theme, was the previous director). Or so they say. Parker's noticed over the last year that there are a number of things that she's being left out of, or even flat-out lied to. Parker doesn't like being lied to, especially when she thinks those lies are putting her operatives at risk. This leads to Miss Follow the Rules breaking a few big ones in the hopes of finding out what's going on--even with the doubt in her mind that this knowledge could undo a lot of what she's worked for and believed in.

Simon Wells is not one of Parker Adams' agents, but he is part of one of those files she really wants to get her hands on. Plus...well, she just really wants to get her hands on him. And he knows it. Unfortunately, Simon's out of Parker's least professionally. Physically, he's willing to let her have him until the experiments that made him part of those super-secret files kill him.

When Simon can no longer avoid their cases colliding and secrets from coming loose is when they really run into trouble - because Parker's now on Simon's to-kill list with the spymasters.

Action-packed and thrill-driven, Sacrifice the Wicked is THE BOOK to read to keep you warm on those winter nights, and Karina Cooper's excellent character-growing skills will have readers wanting to pick up the previous books and holding their collective breaths until the next is released.

--Sarrah Knight

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