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Midnight Temptations with a Forbidden Lord
by Tiffany Clare
(St. Martin's, $7.99, R) ISBN 978-1-250-00803-9
Despite the young age of our heroine (who is not legally "of age" at the time this novel takes place) and the author's slight penchant for repeating old-school descriptors, I very much enjoyed Midnight Temptations of a Forbidden Lord by Tiffany Clare, not only for its action and development, but also for both its primary and secondary characters.

Said characters are both up to no good. Lady Charlotte Lindsey is on a mission to irrevocably damage her reputation to prevent her arranged marriage to an unpleasant man older than her father. The Marquess of Castleigh, Tristan Bradley, is out to ruin Charlotte's so-called fiance. Since Charlotte has decided that the marquess is the perfect man to put her in a compromising position, and Tristan and his band of high-ranking social misfits think Charlotte is the easiest way to get even, it seems their goals should go hand in hand.

But that was before Tristan and Charlotte got to know one another. Now, they both still want their respective revenges...but they also want each other. And that is likely to be the most complicated part of the matter.

With characters that are very individual, very witty, and ballsy as all get-out, Tiffany Clare's Dangerous Rogues series will beguile fans of historical romances in general, and British ones in particular. Though set in Victorian England, Regency fans will be pleased with the social details, and fans of Hoyt, Burrowes, Brockway, and Quinn will have a new author to add to their must-read lists.

--Sarrah Knight

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