How to Date a Dragon
by Ashlyn Chase
(Sourcebooks, $6.99, PG-13) ISBN 978-1402275722
Bliss Russo, greeting card designer and reality-show finalist, is dealt a major blow when her apartment building catches fire and she loses nearly everything she owns. Even being rescued by a gorgeous fireman can't make up for the fact that she has to start her designs from scratch, a setback that might torpedo her chances of winning. Hall Snark Cards (dumb name, couldn't the author come up with anything more original?) needs the boost and Bliss needs the prize money.

Firefighter Drake Cameron is a shapeshifting dragon, which means he's impervious to fire. He's also nearly the last of his kind. Drake has shied away from involvement with human females, but Bliss has him rethinking his position on that. Just as Drake and Bliss manage to find each other, a female dragon looking to mate before it's too late arrives on the scene, throwing a monkey wrench into their budding romance. And when Drake rebuffs her advances, she sets her sights on destroying Bliss.

I enjoyed How to Date a Dragon. Bliss is full of sass and a dose of common sense, though Drake's secret is a bit hard for her to comprehend at first. Drake is a bit more complex, and his portrayal as a lonely guy with a lot to offer the right woman is a warm delight. When he falls, he falls hard. There's a liberal dash of humor, too, and the sex is plenty steamy. Add in a matchmaking mama and a pantheon of gods and goddesses, and the novel verges on slapstick, but in a clever and entertaining way.

The publisher needs to up their game in the art department, though. Much is made of Drake's oddly streaked blond hair, so what's with the dark-haired guy on the cover?

That small quibble aside, readers who enjoy shapeshifter-style romance will find much to enjoy in How to Date a Dragon. Ashlyn Chase has a fun new voice and a breezy style that's easy to enjoy.

--Cathy Sova

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