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Mystical Warrior
by Janet Chapman
(Pocket Star, $7.99, G) ISBN 978-1-4391-5990-3
Janet Chapman drew me in deeply to Mystical Warrior with her addictive blend of humor and detailed plot weaving.

Fiona Gregor is a woman who was born in the 11th century. An innocent young woman with no one to protect her, she was kidnapped and forced into servitude. To make a long story short, she was magically transformed into a hawk and lived in that free body for many years. Now, through another magic she has been released to recapture her life as a woman. However, it’s the present day and Fiona faces a lot of challenges, the main one being that she has to learn how to be a modern woman.

Trace Huntsman is a bachelor for sure. He lives in a filthy, falling apart house, works a lot of hours on his fishing boat, eats his own horrible cooking and is happy with it all. In Trace’s dirty untended home, there is an upstairs apartment and Fiona’s brothers Kenzie and Matt, Trace’s friends, have decided that Trace’s house is the best place for Fiona to live while she re-acclimatizes herself to life as a woman.

Matt and Kenzie ask Trace to keep an eye on Fiona and help her learn how to trust people again. Trace is shocked that Matt and Kenzie expect so much of him, but after meeting the gorgeous Fiona, Trace decides to try to help her.

Fiona desperately wants to battle her fears, and she has many that are based in the horrific happenings in her past. She’s terrified of her new landlord, Trace but tries to make nice to him without spending too much time with him.

Their limited amount of time spent together lengthens dramatically when an otherworldly visitor shows up, and just behind him trails a magical war that Fiona and Trace must face together – like it or not.

I liked Mystical Warrior. While the plot may seem to stem from some very serious events, Janet Chapman manages to include wry, sarcastic and sometimes slapstick humor in every chapter. This makes the pages fly.

Fiona’s a gentle hearted, old fashioned lady who slowly transforms into her real self and sheds her old cocoon in the story. Her naïveté could have been annoying but it was well tempered with her growing awareness of living in a new world.

Trace is a funny, open, real guy. I loved him, he was easy to like, easy to understand and a good foil for Fiona.

The downfall to this story was the lack of passion between our main couple. There was definitely affection, and friendship, but no real sizzling heat. That really bothered me. It made the story limp along in some parts and the private scenes were boring.

Other than that, this was a fun read and it’s highly recommended,

--Amy Wroblewsky

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