Hidden in Texas

All That Love Is
by Ginger Chambers
(Harl. Super #1571, $5.50, G)  ISBN 978-0373-71571-8
This is part of the “Everlasting Love” series and therefore is a little different from many of the Superromance novels. All That Love Is centers on a married couple of 29 years who may get divorced. The story, like others of the series, is really a look back at a marriage that is being reconsidered. If you are looking for pure romance, this is not going to fulfill that need. If you are looking for a mature romance with a lot of introspections and reminiscing, then you should pick up this story.

Jillian and Brad Davies were from different parts of the world, if you consider poor area vs. rich area, family tradition vs. broken family and growing up pampered vs. growing up being responsible as the two ends of the world. But they fell in love and married, and have three children who range in age from 28 to 17 and who are successful, well adjusted children.But one day, Jillian tells Brad she wants a divorce and will discuss it further when they return from a family weekend with her parents and aunt and uncle.

Brad is stunned, this coming completely out of the blue for him. Oh, he knows they have not been seeing eye-to-eye lately…but a divorce? At the end of the weekend, with both of them hurting, they head home…right into a snowstorm in the Sierra Nevadas. The idea to take a short cut through a mountain pass off the main interstate ends in disaster. An avalanche just misses them, sending them sliding down an incline and in a ditch. Luckily they have an almost full tank of gas, some water, a few snack crackers and neither one of them is hurt. Now they just have to wait for rescue and try to stay warm.

They are in the car for almost 4 days. They have nothing to do but try to stay alive and talk. And argue and talk some more. They each look back at their actions and remember the good and the bad times. They discuss how Brad seemed to put his friend Johnny before his family at times and how that made Jillian feel. They talk about Brad’s hurt that Jillian’s mother never accepted him and in fact, at times acted as if she hated him. Their childhoods are reviewed and each gets a real chance to see how those early experiences made them who they are today. And they talk about their children.

The story easily moves from memories to the current circumstances and back again. We see things from Jillian’s point of view and from Brad’s. Intermixed is the scene at their house when the kids discover that something might be wrong and their friends and family rally around. And through it all, we watch as Jillian struggles with her decision and Brad tries to understand just where he went wrong. We are also given an opportunity to learn how to survive if you are ever caught in a car in an avalanche. 

It took a little time to get into the story. At first, I feared this would just be another story of a spoiled wife whining about how she had been wronged by her husband. But quickly I realized this was much more than that.  his was an emotional rollercoaster about real life things, real life feelings and what felt like real people. I laughed and cried right along with them. I could identify with their love that got them through many of those tough times and I hoped that it would find its way to get them through this time too.

If you are looking for a story full of life and emotion and are looking for something a little out of the ordinary, All That Love Is just might be for you. 

--Shirley Lyons

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