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Cathy Sova
Greetings, fellow romantics! My name is Cathy Sova and like many of you, I cut my teeth on The Flame and the Flower at age sixteen or so. Twenty-five years later, I'm still reading and enjoying romance novels of all kinds. And I still have that first copy of The Flame and the Flower.

When not reading, I'm a full-time elementary teacher and wife to a businessman. I have a stepdaughter in college and lots of family nearby, so life is full. For fun, I read, sew, walk, and goof around on the Internet. My husband and I enjoy traveling, museums, and bookstores (one of us is designated Keeper of the Visa Card before we pass through the doors, though!). I write for several local newsletters and enjoy writing short stories and articles for small periodicals.

I don't really have a favorite set of romance authors, because a great book is always just around the corner. My keeper shelf is in a constant state of turnover. When the books start falling out of the bookcase, I clean it out and start over. But there are a few old favorites upstairs in the bookcase at the head of the bed, including Nora Roberts' Born In series, a few by Amanda Quick and Elizabeth Lowell, and lots of oddball category romances that tickled my fancy for one reason or another.

I also read science fiction and fantasy, especially those that contain an element of romance. Check out Anne McCaffrey's Pern series and her contemporary novel The Lady, or Mary Herbert's Dark Horse trilogy. You won't be disappointed. There's a strong romance thread in each.

I look forward to hearing from you if you'd like to share book impressions. Since I live in mid-Michigan, we have lots of winter nights to curl up with a good book. What have you read and enjoyed lately? Click here to drop me a line.

Best wishes, and happy reading!

Cathy Sova

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