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The Wanderer
by Robyn Carr
(Harlequin, $7.99, PG-13) 978-0-7783-1447-9
The Wanderer is a new series from Robyn Carr introducing readers to a new area called Thunder Point, Oregon. It's a spin off to the Virginia River series, but likely the connection is just a starting point for this book and will end moving forward. Regardless, this new series holds a lot of promise.

Hank Cooper, who goes by Cooper, is on his way to Thunder Point, Oregon. An old army friend recently passed away and he feels obligated to find out first hand what happened. He immediately makes friends with the deputy, and learns that while the death is pretty clear-cut, there is a bit of fishiness that is worth exploring.

He is surprised when he learns that Ben left his house / bar / cafe / tackle shop to him. It's a complete wreck and after thinking things through, Cooper decides to fix the place up and sell it. It comes with a large parcel of land that is right on the sound, so he'll have no trouble selling the place.

As Cooper gets to know the town and its people, he starts to see what Ben saw in the place. He meets Sarah Dupre one night and is instantly attracted to her. He has seen her walking on the beach, but never up close and personal. They hit it off quickly, but Cooper is up front about leaving town and Sarah is still getting over a divorce, so their "relationship" is perfect. Crazy things always happen though, when two people try to think they are immune to love.

The Wanderer is a very sweet story. It's very formulaic and predictable, but the author is talented in her writing and the flow of the story is engaging. Being the first book of the series, the town of Thunder Point takes a front seat as a main character. It's a lovely place and the series to follow will undoubtedly further develop it. The downfall for this story, though, is that the town's attention takes away from the human main characters and the detail in the construction of the their relationship. The book also takes the reader through a few other budding relationships, certainly as introduction to future books, but this only takes even more attention away from Sarah and Cooper.

I did enjoy The Wanderer, but can only give it three hearts.

--Nichole Howell

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