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Sunrise Point
by Robyn Carr
(Mira, $7.99, PG-13) 978-0-7783-1317-5
Nora Craneís life has not gone the way she thought it would. She finds herself a single mother to two daughters after making some very bad choices in her life. Her boyfriend tried to take care of them, but his drinking and drugs led to sub par conditions and now Nora finds herself dumped in a little town called Virgin River with nothing. The community has been very supportive and helps her as much as they can, but what she really needs is a job.

At the local church, Nora sees a posting for jobs at the Cavanaugh Orchard. The posting says the job pays well, so itís worth a try. She has barely walked in the office when Tom Cavanaugh turns her away. The job is for apple picking and Tom just doesnít see little Nora as being cut out for the vigorous job. Luckily Tomís grandmother, Maxie, catches Nora before she leaves. When Maxie finds out Nora is a single mother looking for a job, she overrides Tom and hires her on the spot.

Tom grew up on the Cavanaugh Orchard and after spending a few tours in the military he returned to the orchard to help Maxie run the place. Now that he has grown up and has gotten the adventurous bug out of system, he is ready to settle down with a nice girl and have a family. While Tom finds Nora attractive and feels a need to protect her, she has too much baggage for what he is looking for. If he can get past her baggage, he may find a very happy ending. Or should he go with the stable and clean past of another woman that is showing interest?

Robyn Carr has extended her Virgin River series with the new addition, Sunrise Point. It includes a secondary story that runs parallel to Tom and Noraís story, but never crosses. Itís likely a set up for a future book, but in this one it is very out of place. Besides that, Sunrise Point is like the others. Itís a sweet and romantic tale that draws the reader in to the world of Virgin River. The writing is superb and flows effortlessly. Itís easy to recommend this book.

-- Nichole Howell

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