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Hidden Summit by Robyn Carr
(Harlequin, $7.99, PG-13) 978-0-7783-1300-7
Conner Danson is in hiding. As the only witness to a murder outside of his hardware business, the District Attorney’s office can’t take any chances. Conner has already been threatened and had his business burned down, so Conner is now being relocated to a small town a few hours away called Virgin River. The DA has a contact there, Brie, who can keep Conner updated and provide the “in” to the community by getting him a job with a local contractor.

Leslie Petruso thought she had a nice life. She thought she was married to a successful man who was going places. After many years of marriage, he asked for a divorce because he had found someone else that he felt was the true love of his life. Leslie was heartbroken and while she was trying to get on with her like, Greg wouldn’t leave her alone. He wanted them to be friends. To get away, Leslie has moved to Virgin River for now. Paul Haggerty owns a contractor business and she worked with him and his family back in Grant’s Pass. Leslie is hoping to finally be able to heal and move on from her past.

Conner and Leslie meet each other on the job and at first butt heads. After spending some time together and understanding where they each come from, the attraction starts to heat up. Conner also comes from a broken marriage. His wife deceived him and it wasn’t until a year into their marriage that he discovered that his wife was a sex addict and wasn’t faithful. With both Leslie and Conner bitter and angry over past relationships, neither one of them wants to take what they have together seriously. And that’s just what may help them move on and discover what they can provide each other.

Hidden Summit is book 17 in the Virgin River series. It is apparent that this book is part of a series since there is reference to Brie’s previous story, but outside of that reference and maybe a few more, the reader won’t know that this book is so far into the series. It can definitely be a standalone read. The secondary characters support the story well and I’m looking forward to reading past books in the series as I’m sure they have their own story.

Hidden Summit is an excellent read and I recommend this book for newcomers to Robyn Carr and those who are already invested in the series.

--Nichole Howell

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