I Own The Dawn
by M.L.Buchman
(Sourcebooks, $6.99, PG-13) 9781402258138
Kee has just made it into the SOAR program after five long years of hard work to be only the second woman to make that achievement. The SOAR program is the Special Operations Aviation Regiment, which runs airborne operations as part of the Army. Itís an elite group that is no easy task to become part of, especially for Kee who came from a daunting background on the streets before being forced to join the Army infantry.

Lieutenant Archie Stevenson is one of the first men that Kee meets when she arrives. Kee entertains him with her ďYea Iím a girl. So what?Ē attitude. After working together for a few days, the barriers come down and Archie gets to know the woman underneath the shield. They have several challenging operations that offer stressful situations, but Kee and Archie trust each other fast and true and start to build a relationship neither of them thought they would ever have.

I Own the Dawn is an action packed story with a strong romance built in. Kee is hard to figure out and is not always consistent. Sheís presented to the reader as a no holds barredd strong woman that doesnít take crap from anyone, but soon becomes an emotional softy. Iím glad Archie is able to get through the tough exterior, but I wish Kee held on to more of her strong girl will. Archie is a great character. Compassionate from the beginning and he stays true to his charm.

The action and suspense in the book is attention grabbing, but it is hard to follow at times. The description given uses so much technical language that unless you know how to fly a helicopter or run an operation in the Army the words just donít make sense. If you can get past the foreign language (RPG launcher, monkey line, FN SCAR carbine, deep-sixed) to get down to the basics of the story, itís not a bad one.

If you enjoy romantic suspense, then youíll probably enjoy I Own the Dawn. Just be patient with the technically details and the true story will emerge.

--Nichole Howell

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