Demon Angel

Demon Forged
by Meljean Brook 
(Berkley, $7.99, R)  ISBN 9780425230411 
Demon Forged is the eighth book in Meljean Brook’s Guardian series, and it will absolutely, positively blow your mind. The story explodes with the rich dialogue, descriptions and remarkable characters her readers have grown to love. Every single one of Brook’s characters makes such an impression because of their unique and overwhelming personalities. The same goes in Demon Forged with Irena and Alejandro, who were first introduced in Demon Night

The two main characters are angel Guardians Irena and Alejandro, who along with the other guardians of Heaven, are trying to solve the prophecy surrounding Belial. Belial and Lucifer have been at war with one another for the past eight hundred years for the right to rule over Hell. And because Belial has possession of the sword that belongs to Michael, the first Guardian, Belial may have enough power to take control of Earth. As Alejandro and Irena fight against these creatures of Hell that are an abomination, they have to deal with an incredible amount of angst in regards to one another.

Alejandro loves Irena so much, but because of a horrible event from their past, Irena keeps him at arm’s length. Alejandro will do whatever he can to have any type of relationship with Irena. She knows that she is his weakness because not a moment goes by that Alejandro doesn’t admit his feelings to her and express his desire to be with her. But Irena flaunts her disdain for Alejandro, bringing him close to the breaking point. Irena lives in anguish because of a dark secret she hides that involves him. If Alejandro finds out what this secret is and why Irena refuses to love him and be with him, he will be shocked to his core. 

The other side of Demon Forged deals with the ongoing fight between the Guardians and those various creatures of pure evil such as demons and nosferatu. The prophecy that Khavi, who has the Gift of foresight, told Belial in regards to his ruling Heaven, Hell and those world in between, is about to come to a head and the Guardians, as well as their allies, need to take up arms. When Khavi has a vision of the future and tells Michael his part in all of this, his reaction will send a tidal wave of shock and awe that no one would have never expected. 

Everything in Demon Forged seems more intense and emotional than the past few books in this spectacular series. The action and suspense had me clutching the pages so much so that my heart was racing. There is a great deal of suffering and a few deaths that came as an utter surprise. The love scenes between Alejandro and Irena are some of the best Ms. Brook has ever written. Calling them steamy is an understatement. Also, there are many past characters who make very welcome appearances and add to the story. Of course in order to recognize this cast, it will help if you’ve read the past books in this series. (And I recommend you read each and every book because they are masterful reads.)

Brook’s world can be a bit confusing to newcomers, but as long as you are up to speed with all the details, you will appreciate the richness in her words. Each one of Brook’s characters are very important to Demon Forged because they help bring to light certain things that Irena and Alejandro are missing such as insight on their relationship and their possible future. Demon Forged can be complex with its story telling because this is the eighth book. Almost every scene is fast paced. There is never a dull moment.

I can say hands down that Demon Forged is one of the best books I have read for 2009 and should be on every paranormal romance lover’s reading list.  

--Catherine Anne

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