The Bodyguard's Bride

Lonesome No More

A Family Secret

Millionaire in Disguise by Jean Brashear
(Silh. Sp. Ed. #1416, $4.50, PG-13) ISBN 0-373-24416-9
Sheís Lexie and heís Nikos when they first meet. She sees a man who has a gorgeous old T-bird with engine problems and wants to help. He sees a happy-go-lucky woman who knows a lot about cars and lives in an amazing geodesic dome house. Theyíre attracted, charmed, overwhelmed, and they make love. Eventually he has to leave but he promises to see her again.

Then the real world intrudes. He finds out that sheís Alexandra Grayson, the person who has been hired to plan the debut party for his corporationís latest software. And she finds out heís Dominic Santonini, the wealthy tycoon who may have stolen her best friendís software idea. Alexandra fully intends to find out the truth, even if she has to do a little spying. Meanwhile Dominic is fighting to keep his company from being taken over by its enemies. Alexandra and Dominic have no time for attraction - in fact they each are suspicious of just why the other one might be interested.

Lexie is charming - a person who is determined to help her friends, a free spirit who is a perfectionist about her work and a woman who is convinced that men never love her forever. Nikos is an Alpha male, called Big Dog by his employees, who is determined to keep his company safe from whoever is trying to ruin it, to keep his little sister safe from the destructive influences in her life and to keep his heart safe from the woman who seems able to touch him. He canít totally manage all of his goals. Lexie seems to effortlessly charm her way into Nikosí life and to make him relax when he feels overburdened. He, in turn, makes her rethink her position on love.

How these two characters learn to trust each other after they fall in love is the essence of the story. The plot is certainly there, but the real story is how the two of them learn to go back to what they saw in each other originally and to ignore the persona each one shows to the rest of world. In fact the plot isnít as strong as it could be: for example, the logic the storyís villain story shows is questionable. All right, the villain is crazy but there is no reason to think destroying the reputation of the company and its owner would lead to anything but total financial ruin for everyone. However the relationship between the hero and heroine is strong enough to ignore even quibbles about the plot.

Millionaire in Disguise provides more authenticity in its romance than in its suspense, though the suspense runs through the story. Donít worry. This story delivers on the romance and makes you believe in the hero and heroine even if you arenít sure about the corporate espionage part. Youíll keep reading on to the end to see how Lexie and Nikos resolve their difficulties.

--Irene Williams

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