On His Honor
by Jean Brashear
(Harl. Super. #1775, $5.50, PG) ISBN 978-0373-71775-0
Here is an engaging story that probably won't stand up to a great deal of scrutiny but is entertaining and romantic. If you like suspense, this has a little. If you like strong heroes, this has it. If you have enjoyed the series about the MacAllisters, then many of the secondary characters will appeal to you. If however, you like your cop stories to follow procedures and real scenarios, this one may not be so pleasurable.

J D Cameron is an undercover detective who has been trying to bust up a money laundering/white slavery ring near Austin, Texas. He and others on the task force know who is involved but can't pin it on them. They are close but need a break in the case. That break comes in the form of superstar actress Violet James.

Violet is recuperating from her marriage that ended when her also famous husband decided to publicly romance another star. Violet was thinking they were perfect, only to find out through the tabloids that this was not the first person he cheated on her with. She is hiding out in Austin at a famous resort run by a friend of JD's, Sophie (soon to be) MacAllister. The resort was recommended by Violet's best friend, Avery Lofton, who just happens to be high on the suspect list of the investigation. When Sophie asks JD to provide some off the clock bodyguard duty for Violet, JD decides to use her to get the dirt of Avery.

Neither Violet or JD expected there to be instant and combustible sparks. They spend a few days together and have a great time, hot sex and a sense of rightness that scares them both, even while they individually acknowledge that they are falling in love. JD, however, is keeping secrets while Violet is worried that no one will ever see past her public persona.

Avery is one of those bad guys who didn't start out to be a bad guy, but let things get out of hand. When he realizes his partner Sage is half crazy, it is almost too late to get out. He tries not to involve Violet, because he truly does love her like a sister, but once again, things spin way of his control.

The very fact that JD is sleeping with his "case" and the fact that he is almost an independent on this case is just one of the things that doesn't flow with the reality of police work. Violet is a bit on the naive side despite her many years in Hollywood and this too plays a little false. But overall, the story made me laugh at the right times, sigh with the romance and even get nervous at the height of the suspense. I can't fully recommend it but I can say that most readers will find it a nice way to spend some summer reading time.

--Shirley Lyons

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