It Takes a Rebel

Manhunting in Mississippi

Too Hot to Sleep

Seeking Single Male
by Stephanie Bond
(Harl. Tempt, #805, $3.99, PG) ISBN 0-373-25905-0
Seeking Single Male begins with a delightful premise, that of people meeting each other through the want ads. What's so zany is that they've gotten their ads mixed up.

Attorney Greg Healey responds to a singles ad as a favor to his younger brother. When he meets Lana Martina, the young woman he thinks has placed the love-wanted ad, he doesn't realized that she's placed an ad for a roommate. The meeting is on neutral ground at her downtown coffee shop. When Lana suggests that they go to her apartment, he thinks it's for sex. She's ignorant of his intentions until he makes a torrid pass in her bedroom. She fends him off with hair spray, and their romance is off to a sticky start.

Lana hopes she'll never see the pervert again, but her wish is not going to be granted. When her coffee shop and other downtown businesses are in danger of being razed by a developer, Lana is elected as spokesperson to represent them at the City Council meeting. Care to guess who's behind the rezoning request?

If you guessed Greg Healey, you're right.

A council member wants Lana and Greg to work together to see if the businesses can be saved and yet allow Greg's development to proceed. So these two are going to be forced to work together.

Meanwhile, Greg's younger brother and Lana's friend Annette, the person who really placed the singles ad, meet. This story line absolutely glows. Will is mentally-challenged from an accident in his childhood, yet this in no way makes him an object of pity. We know immediately that Annette and Will are meant for each other, but it does take a bit longer for the main relationship to come into focus.

Greg and Lana are both stubborn about turning loose of their independence. He's been Will's caretaker for so long and has put his career goals on hold that he feels that he had no time for a life of his own. And Lana had told herself for so long that she's better off alone that she's finally begun to believe her mantra.

We first met Lana in It Takes A Rebel and were introduced to Harry the blow-up doll. Somewhere in the ensuing months an alien has inhabited Lana's body and sucked out all of her spark. She was delightfully wacky when we met her before, but here she's a workaholic who's borderline dull.

Harry the blow-up doll - umm, the one who's anatomically correct - is going to be the link to the next story. Harry will be given to Lana's single friend in Chicago, Rebecca Valentine, who around mid-2001, will have someMidnight Fantasies.

What started off as zany and a plot line which appeared to be full of high energy seemed to bog down, to fizzle out. That's too bad. Stephanie Bond usually delivers a story that's easy to recommend. Seeking Single Male didn't have Bond's characteristic humor and joie de vivre. And that lack shows.

--Linda Mowery

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