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Bedeviled Angel
by Annette Blair
(Berkley, $7.99, PG-13) ISBN 978-0-425-23597-3
Chance Godricson is a guardian angel to several people. But his attentions are almost always focused on Queisha Saint-Denis, an agoraphobic and whimsical woman. The kicker is, Chance died so that Queisha could live when the mall they were in collapsed.

So there Chance is, watching the world go by (literally), fluffing out his shiny rainbow wings and rocking his Amazing Techo Colored Dream Coat. Wait, no. That was Joseph. Chance has a ‘many-coloured dream robe.’ Completely different.

Chance’s day takes an interesting turn when the Fitzpatricks show up in Everlasting (heaven). Queisha was the Fitzpatrick’s surrogate for their twins, Lace and Skye. Queisha is their guardian if they should ever pass on. And since they’ve passed on...well, you get the idea. Chance sees that Queisha is going to need some help to conquer her fear of leaving the house and with the adjustment of Lace and Skye to their new guardian. That is, if the Fitzpatrick’s greedy family members don’t come out of the woodwork and try to get their grubby little hands on the twin’s inheritance.

Chance’s friend and fellow guardian angel, Angus, informs him that the archangels are none too pleased that he has been neglecting his other charges. Angus, taking it upon himself to help out his friend, promptly boots Chance off of the side of Everlasting.

Chance falls to earth and meets up with Vivica, the boss of Works Like Magick, which according to the back cover is an “employment agency in Salem, Massachusetts, matching clients in need with magical temps.”

Chance lands a ‘job’ as Queisha’s cook and he is also there to act as a co-guardian to Lace and Skye.

Chance and Queisha soon realize that they are both very attracted to one another. But is it a good idea to be starting a relationship when you have two new children to tend to? Is it a good idea for Chance to become romantically involved with Queisha, considering he’s dead and an angel? Or will love and passion win out?

The first four chapters I found to be rather ho-hum. A lot of plot is set up, which is necessary, but I found myself thinking, “This is going to be a long book if the pace doesn’t pick up a bit.” Luckily, after the first four chapters, things do pick up and the story just keeps getting better as it goes.

Queisha is a fascinating woman. She lives alone and makes her own company out of hat racks and dolls. She loves “Dancing with the Stars” and makes up her own tea flavors. She’s a nurturing mother to the girls. With Chance’s help, she discovers that she is more confident and passionate than she had originally thought.

Chance is one horny angel. Every time he has a lusty thought he loses a feather. He loses a lot of feathers. He’s protective, forward and a great father figure. He’s wonderful with Lace and Skye and he does everything he can to help Queisha.

The twins are adorable. With Queisha they are finally learning to be little girls and not little women like the boarding school they have grown up in wants them to be. Their progression from scared and uptight to fun loving and free is a treat to read about. Both are their own person and while in some ways they are alike, in most ways they are not. This makes for some interesting plot twists.

As far as the story goes, Bedeviled Angel has a little of everything. There are happy moments, sad moments, funny moments, spooky moments and sexy moments. Lots and lots of sexy moments.

Blair has created a very unique and steamy couple, so naturally their love lives follow suit.

Blair’s Bedeviled Angel is a little shaky at the outset, but she sticks the landing and delivers a fun and original love story that is full of magic and laughter.

--Lindsey Seddon

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