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The Temptation of Rory Monahan
by Elizabeth Bevarly
(Silh Desire #1363, $3.99, PG-13) ISBN 0-373-76363-8
Because although she did normally carry a cell phone, tonight, her tiny little handbag-the one Metropolitan magazine had promised her she absolutely must have to carry off this particular dress with any amount of success-was far too small for necessities like cell phones. Oh, there was room for necessities like identification, lipstick, hanky, money, Triple-A card and um . . . a condom, she recalled with a blush- . . . but no room . . . for a cell phone.

Not that Miriam had any desire to diminish the importance of fresh breath, mind you. Or of safe sex, either. But at the moment if she’d had a choice between good oral hygiene, sexual preparedness or a link to the outside world on a dark, isolated stretch of road she was fairly certain she would opt for the last. - The Temptation of Rory Monahan

This is typical of the book’s writing style and humor. If you enjoyed it, you’ll like the book. Similar musings by the heroine make up most of the story and the humor. The plot? Oh, if you insist. Librarian Miriam Thornbury, who is forced to gather up all the Metropolitan magazines from the library when the mayor bans them, starts to read them. Miriam isn’t a prude and she’s entirely opposed to censorship, but she has never had a need to peruse this particular magazine before. Somewhere between reading JUST DO IT-In Every Room in the House! and Call of the Siren-BE the Devil with the Blue Dress On!, Miriam awakens her Inner Temptress. That’s fortunate, since there is someone she’s been wanting to tempt - the brilliant but absent-minded Professor, Rory Monahan.

Rory may be absent-minded, but he isn’t dead. Rory has seen quite a bit of Miriam since he goes regularly to the library. He always quite liked the demure, knowledgeable librarian who could help him on his quest for knowledge. Once Miriam reads Metropolitan, though, he gets to see even more of Miriam than he expected. Miriam as temptress is very tempting indeed and before either of them is quite sure what is going on, they are indulging in a flirtation. Not long afterward, they indulge in more than that. But soon Miriam is looking for something beyond a chance for her Temptress to have a fling. Meanwhile Rory is still trying to come up for air. Poor guy. He almost fumbles irrevocably when a policeman asks him who his companion is and he has to explain just what Miriam means to him.

Will this couple ever figure out what is really going on? As the story skips and darts its way to the HEA, Miriam works to get her man and even the mayor starts thinking about her own Inner Temptress. After all, there are other temptable males out there.

Most of The Temptation or Rory Monahan made me chuckle. Although parts of it made me wish the characters would just pause long enough to take a deep breath and let me take one too. Of course that slightly mad, not quite clear-thinking rush of sentences is what makes up the book’s charm. While I enjoyed the characters, I didn’t believe in them for a minute. But who cares? Even if they only exist to amuse, they did that long enough and cleverly enough to make me wish them well in their headlong rush into befuddled romance. Rory and Miriam will probably will give you several chuckles, too.

--Irene Williams

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