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Undercover with the MOB
by Elizabeth Bevarly
(Harl. Flipside, $4.50, PG-13) ISBN 0-373-44199-1
Bevarly offers two fun characters and her writing style shoots back and forth between the two so you always know what the other is thinking. While their journey to love is fun, the actual plot is a little weak and thus keeps Undercover with the Mob from full recommended status.

Mrs. Klosterman's old Victorian home is a great place to live, or so thinks Natalie Dorset. She has a second floor apartment, but can take meals with her lovable landlady, who is like a second family to her. Natalie is a relatively staid high school teacher in Louisville. Not much happens, and there aren't many men to date, but life is good, albeit a bit lonely.

That is until Jack Miller moves in. Mrs. K. thinks he is hot, but also thinks he is a hit man with the mob. A man in a trench coat checked out the apartment on the third floor before this man moved in, so she is sure that Jack is turning state's evidence. He wears all black and even talks with a Brooklyn accent. Natalie isn't sure he is a hit man, but he sure affects her. He is tall, dark, and handsome and has a dangerous aura about him that also makes her think of tangled sheets and naked bodies.

Can't give too much away, but suffice it to say that Jack is not a mob hit man, but does have ties to that part of the New York mystique. He does use words like “whacked” and sounds like he comes from the streets. And he is as affected by Natalie as she is by him. But he is sure he cannot get involved, because he has a job to do and then he is gone – six months tops. What he doesn't count on is sneaky matchmaking landlady, who thinks that he needs a good woman and Natalie is just the woman to turn his life around. What can a man do when he is sent on wild goose chase only to find the woman who he is already dreaming about just coming out of the shower? Or when she confronts him when he is wet from his shower with nothing but a towel between them? Or when the landlady invites him to dinner, only to leave him in a house without electricity but a full cooked meal ready to be shared with said woman?

You can guess what happens and it is hot, without being too graphic. But what doesn't happen is communication, relationship building or really getting to know each other. This part of the relationship is cursory and thus leaves the reader wondering if there is more than just passion to sustain their love.

In addition, there isn't much action beyond the two characters thinking and telling the reader what they are thinking. At times, I was entranced with their bantering and loving and at times I was sure they were both being too childish to wish upon the other. That type of inconsistency led to a sense of mediocrity. And once the full tale is woven and everyone knows who Jack is and what his job is, the antics from earlier just don't ring true.

Undercover with the Mob is lighthearted and fun while simultaneously bordering on tedium and uncertainty. It is a pleasant way to spend an afternoon but that’s about all that can be said for it.

--Shirley Lyons

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