The Fireman Who Loved Me
by Jennifer Bernard
(Avon, $5.99, PG-13) 978-0-06-208896-3
Melissa McGuire hasnít had the best luck with guys. Instead of getting hurt again, her focus lately has been on her career as a producer for a local news program in San Gabriel, California. Even though her star news anchor is an egoistical and self-absorbed diva, Melissa does a good job and she knows the station needs her.

Itís her grandmother, Nellyís, birthday and Melissa finds herself at a bachelor auction where the product for sale is a hot fireman. Melissa has no space in her life right now for a man and sheís very confused at what Nelly is trying to do. The next thing she knows, Nelly is bidding on a guy for her. She runs from the room outraged and ends up tripping over a chair. Good thing one of the other firemen is there to help her up.

Brody, the Fire Captain, hates the Bachelor auctions. He hates the publicity as well. His focus is on his team doing their job and doing it well. But the auction is for charity, so he lets it go on though in no way participates. When Ryan, one of Brodyís firemen, gets bid on by a grandmother he is mortified and the guys at the firehouse wonít stop teasing him. Brody reluctantly agrees to fill in for Ryan and goes on the date for him.

To Brodyís surprise, when he arrives at Nellyís house, he finds the woman from the auction that had tripped. She had intrigued him at the time, so this turn of events is definitely a plus. Melissa is still fuming at the scheme her grandmother has set up, but she goes on the date as a favor to Nelly.

Neither Melissa nor Brody are each others type and they both find themselves arguing constantly. But they also enjoy spending time together and find it easy to talk to each other. Bad relationships have plagued them both, but there is an attraction there that might just be worth exploring further.

The Fireman Who Loved Me is a light hearted and fun book. Itís an easy read and not too deep. The plot flows well and is entertaining. There is a lot going on throughout the book, but itís structured well and easy to follow. This is the first book in a new series by Jennifer Bernard and I look forward to seeing what is in the future for the San Gabriel Fire Department.

--Nichole Howell

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