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While He Was Sleeping
by Carolyn Andrews
(HT 735, $3.75, PG-13) ISBN 0-373-25835-6
While He Was Sleeping is another book in The Wrong Bed series. Considering the phenomenal luck that our heroines are having, I wonder how my husband would feel about purchasing new bedroom furniture.

Daisy Hanover is an ex-reference librarian turned bookstore owner. Out of gratitude she's marrying bland as oatmeal Phillip Baldwin. Deciding that she needs to inject some oomph into their relationship, she's done Internet research and found a place in the Catskills which advertises a magic bed from Merlin's time. "Sleep in this bed once and you and your lover will be soul mates forever." Making weekend reservations, she has no idea that a domino effect of events will alter her plans.

As she is going to Phillip's office to convince him that they need this trip, Daisy bumps into Logan Campbell and immediately imagines him to be a James Bond type. Logan was first introduced in Andrews' The Last Bachelor (HT 700). Logan, a P.I., is there to find out what Phillip knows about the death of an attorney who drew up a will giving Daisy an inheritance of two million dollars. There is instant attraction but neither can act on it.

Daisy considers her engagement binding, and Logan, who spurns love, doesn't want to get mixed up with a potential murder suspect.

When Phillip refuses to go, breaking a promise, Daisy decides to go on her own to the weekend retreat, hoping against all odds that Phillip will change his mind and follow her. Daisy fantasizes about the James Bond type she's just met and decides that a Bond girl would go to the Catskills with or without her man. Phillip doesn't follow her, and we don't even need to guess who does. Logan finds Daisy sound asleep on the couch, so he takes the bed. When Daisy awakens during the night and climbs into the bed, neither is aware of the other's presence.

The magical bed lives up to its reputation. Logan and Daisy become lovers in a wonderfully written fantasy scene. The next morning they're both uncomfortable, especially after they discover that someone has followed them to the cabin and is shooting at them. The situation becomes more complex when Daisy discovers that her car may have been the one used in a hit and run in the murder of the aforementioned attorney.

Daisy is being framed, but by whom? And why?

Daisy Hanover is an A-1 heroine. Her quirky sense of humor dispels much of the darkness which could have mired this book in doom and gloom. At one point Logan leaves her in the cabin with their lone gun as he attempts to find the sniper. After a brief lesson, she's ready to defend against all intruders. Again the image of a Bond girl flickers in her mind.

"Ever since she'd met Logan Campbell, she'd been changing slowly into a Bond girl.

A Bond girl whose trigger finger was falling asleep!"

Logan has reasons to doubt the strength and very existence of love. When his brother's fiancÚ seduced him and then cried rape, Logan found out how unimportant family loyalty was. He still bears the scars of the whip used to punish him. Daisy doesn't make light of his reasons, but does, in her own unique way, overcome them with trust and integrity. Daisy's goodness is so irrepressible that Logan instinctively knows that she's being framed.

The mystery thread gives the story an added dimension. The list of suspects is large enough that it does allow for speculation as to whodunit. Some information is uncovered which does seem to be a bit farfetched, but nobody said that murderers had to make perfect sense.

While He Was Sleeping is a good blend of humor, suspense and sensuality. Sometimes being in The Wrong Bed is really the right place to be.

--Linda Mowery

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