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At His Command
by Karen Anders
(Harl. Romance Susp. #1713, $5.25, PG) ISBN 978-0373-27783-4
Karen Anders has written a suspense story that is a cross between NCIS and JAG – with his two main characters representing those agencies. They have a history and having to work together is bringing back all the good and bad memories. The only issue with the story is that it is hard to see them as a couple since the only way we see them is from their memories and the sexual tension present in the story. I had a hard time feeling connected.

Several years ago, there was a crash on a carrier when one pilot, Rafeal Soto, died and the other one, Chris Vargas, survived. The Navy deemed the cause pilot error. Ambrosia Soto lost her brother that day; her parents never recovered and her lover/soon to be fiancé left her when she could never forgive him…he was the one that lived.

Now Sia, as she is called, is a JAG attorney investigating another crash and in the process, she is almost killed by her main suspect. He dies falling off the ship. When another crash occurs almost immediately, she is teamed with an NCIS agent, none other than Chris Vargas. They resent having to work together, yet both quickly realize that this case may be more than meets the eye. It could have a connection to not only Rafe and Chris’s crash, but several more. They struggle to hide their unresolved feelings and actually do go to bed with each other fairly early on. We have sex, intrigue, angst and the need for closure – giving the story a constant stream of episodes that keeps the story moving.

Yet, I didn’t even get the feelings of love between these two, other than the fact that they said they were in love. Yeah, the sex is hot, but the connection is so tainted by their breakup and feelings of betrayal, that the initial connection was hard to envision and embrace. This spoiled the enjoyment for me. Add in some pretty improbable suspense and this story just did not deliver a story that garners a recommendation. There are other better stories if you are looking for a Navy adventure.

--Shirley Lyons

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