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My Wicked Little Lies
by Victoria Alexander
(Zebra, $7.99, PG-13) ISBN 978-1-4201-1706-6
Lady Evelyn Waterston has a dual love story in My Wicked Little Lies.

Eve was an operative for the Department of Domestic and International Affairs for five years, acting as a spy. She loved the danger, the excitement, and her growing flirtation with her supervisor, only known through written messages as Sir.

Thoroughly wearied by her adventures, Evelyn as Eve writes her last tender goodbye to Sir, leaving her position and moving on to her new life as a married woman. She marries her new sweetheart Adrian, and becomes the Countess of Waterston.

For two years, Evelyn behaves in the gentle, polite way expected of a countess; she is proper, predictable and happy with her life at home with Adrian. Unexpectedly, she is contacted by the new head of the Department for a final assignment that only she can help with. She’s at once intrigued but annoyed that the department head, Max, assumes that he can yank her back into her old life at the drop of a hat. She does eventually agree to help him, once she finds out that the plot involves the theft of some very important internal documents as well as the threat of murder against important operatives, such as Sir.

After Evelyn agrees to help, her very mildly different behavior piques Adrian’s interest. After two years of predictability, he’s surprised that he feels like his wife is lying to him about some of her actions. He decides to investigate, and quickly comes to the conclusion that she’s having an affair. Enraged, he attempts to stop her, and the ensuing scene is one of the best parts of the story.

Evelyn and Adrian have an argument of epic proportions that causes Evelyn to temporarily move out, which makes her espionage work much easier without the watchful eyes at the house. While Adrian and Evelyn cool off, Eve’s investigation continues to go deeper, finding secrets that will change her life as Evelyn for certain.

I loved it! My Wicked Little Lies was like a wonderful layer cake that just kept getting better – and more unexpectedly delicious, the deeper you got into it.

Evelyn is our perfect heroine, she is strong, self-sufficient, feminine, wily, smart, and strong. She has the perfect sounding board in her friend Celeste, who was a great foil with her acerbic wit and dry charm. Evelyn as Eve is interesting, a more pared down version of Evelyn but intrinsically recognizable as the same woman.

Adrian goes from a staid gentleman to a real flesh and blood man as the story unfolds, and he has plenty of surprises to reveal to both Evelyn and the reader as the pages go on.

The romantic background story between Celeste and Max is lovely, it complements and helps to speed the well paced tale.

I would love to say more about My Wicked Little Lies, but I should hate to slip and give away any of its wonderful depth, so I will leave you with my blessing to go out and pick up your own copy as soon as possible.

--Amy Wroblewsky

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