The Dragon Who Loved Me
by G. A. Aiken
(Zebra, $6.99, PG-13) ISBN 978-1420108897
Rhona the Fearless is a dragon/human shapeshifter who has spent the past five years fighting in a war between rival dragon kingdoms. Vigholf the Abhorrent is a commander of the Northland dragons, Rhona’s allies, and he’s spent the last five years becoming more and more intrigued by Rhona and her prowess in battle. When the dragon queen Annwyl the Bloody decides to undertake a dangerous journey to enlist the help of the half-crazed rebel dragon Gaius, Rhona and Vigholf are ordered to follow her and bring her back – a dangerous and perhaps suicidal mission.

Thrown into the mix are a host of dragon and human characters from the previous four books in this series. Keeping them straight is nearly impossible unless one has read the previous installments. Call me Cathy the Bewildered, at least for the first hundred pages. Once Rhona and Vigholf set out alone, however, things started to fall into place. Rhona is clueless about her own attraction to Vigholf and how to handle it; he’s equally clueless when it comes to wooing Rhona. Their fumbling relationship is funny and endearing, and heats up nicely once they come to an understanding. And the wild and crazy relatives add a lot of humor to the tale.

Rhona was a wonderful lead. She’s strong and fiercely loyal to her family; the daughter who was always dumped on to take care of her siblings when her mother went off to battle. What Rhona really wants is to be a blacksmith like her father, and perhaps in rebellion against being forced into the life of a soldier, she’s never aimed higher than to be just that – a soldier¸ much to her mother’s frustration. As Vigholf comes to understand this, his acceptance and support is endearing. They’re an excellent match.

There are plenty of characters from previous books mixed into the plot. By the end of the story I had figured out the relationships between everyone, but it took a lot of concentration. If you’re new to G.A. Aiken (who also writes as Shelly Laurenston) I’d recommend reading this series in order. The Dragon Who Loved Me was funny, romantic, and entertaining enough that I want to find the rest of the series, and for those who enjoy shapeshifter romances, it’s an excellent addition to your reading list.

--Cathy Sova

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