TRR Advertising Policy
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TRR is on target for over 500,000 visitors in 1998, and nearly 4 million page impressions! For premium ad space on one of the hottest romance sites around, please email The Romance Reader for information on demographics and pricing.

At the present time, The Romance Reader does not accept advertisements from authors or publishers (for specific titles) on our website. Founded over 2 years ago as an independent source for unbiased reviews of romance novels, TRR has adopted this policy in order to avoid the appearance of impropriety or conflict of interest.

In the past two years, The Romance Reader has been the recipient of numerous Internet awards:

USA Today Hot Site - Awarded 8/9/96
WebCrawler Top Site - Awarded 1997
Best of Suite 101 - Awarded 1997
USA Today Hot Site - Awarded 1/17/97

Librarians' Site du Jour - Awarded 9/10/97
Lycos Top 5% Award -Awarded 1/14/98
Dr. Webster's Web Site of the Day -Awarded 6/27/98
Cyber Teddy's Top 500 Website -Awarded 6/24/98
UsefulCool Winner - This is Cool Award - Awarded 6/30/98
CyberGuild 2000 BEYOND Award
- Awarded June 98
Internet Cool Site of the Day - Awarded 7/3/98
Jayde Gold Diamond Award - Awarded 7/7/98

LOS ANGELES TIMES PICK This site was awarded a Times Pick by the Los Angeles Times on 7/13/98.

Romance Classics Award - Awarded 9/13/98

Ask Jeeves Silver Platter Award
- Awarded July, 1999

Gold Award of Romance Excellence
- Awarded May, 2001

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